Severn Valley Indoor Bowls Club




The club will be known as SEVERN VALLEY INDOOR BOWLS CLUB.

The registered address will be that of the secretary at the time.


  1. The objects of the club shall be to foster, promote and regulate the game of indoor bowls for club members.
  2. To arrange games and Competitions as the Committee deems fit.
  3. All rules will be within WIBA and WLIBA along with any domestic rules Administered by the elected Committee.

3.  Membership of the Club

  1. The club shall be open to all genders and ages.
  2. A list of members shall be held by the Treasurer and a list of the Officers and Committee will be held by the Secretary. The affiliation fee will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting held each year.

4.  Administration:

  1. The affairs of the club shall be managed by the elected Committee
    President, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and five elected members.
    The Committee will be empowered to make decisions at organised committee meetings and any major decisions made at the Annual General Meeting.


This will be held before the end of April and any notice of motion to the Secretary by 31st March.  Only registered members are eligible to vote. Any changes to the constitution will be decided by a majority vote. Nominations and propositions to be received by the Hon. Secretary one month before the A.G.M.

  1. The Financial year to end 31st March.

The Officers and Committee will be elected at this time to serve the next twelve months.


  1. Will be an elected person from the membership and will arrange all fixtures and games to be played by the members. Will Record all meetings and distribute among the Committee as required.
  2. The Hon. Secretary will receive from the Hon. Treasurer a list of all affiliated Members.


  1. Will control all finances of the club and inform the Committee at meetings during the year and to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. The Hon. Treasurer shall render a precise statement of accounts of the past year, duly audited and copies of the Balance Sheet shall be distributed at the AGM. 


Will be elected at the AGM each year and will be a figurehead of the members.  

9.  CHAIR:

This person is elected at the AGM and is responsible for conducting all meetings. Will instruct the Hon. Secretary when to call such meetings and is responsible to run the club for its members.


Players should be properly attired and wearing correct footwear. They should also be mindful of each other at all times.

11.  Any matters of complaint may be brought before the Committee and the Committee will deal with situations as they see fit.  The complaints procedure will be placed on the Club Notice Board to ensure that all members know the correct procedure and that any complaints can be submitted in writing to the Secretary.


The Severn Valley Indoor Bowls Club fully accepts it’s legal and moral obligation to exercise its duty of care and to protect all children (and vulnerable adults) participating in its activities and to safeguard their welfare.

Policy: Child Safeguard and Adults at Risk & Guidelines on Social Networking are available from the Secretary.


AGM 7th May 2019